Friday, January 1, 2010

Transformers 4 Movie

Transformers 4 MovieDirector Michael Bay did say that they would do a Transformers 4 if the public welcome the previous movies. Transformers 3 hasn't started to film yet. But I can bet that they're already planning the movie Transformers 4. It does make financial sense for the studios after all: the Transformers movie franchise is like a goose laying golden eggs! Besides the public does not want the Transformers movies to come to an end, nope, we all want more! So we can be pretty sure that Transformers 4 will be developed sooner or later.

But when can we expect the movie Transformers to be released? We have to keep in mind that Director Michael Bay wanted to have a break following Revenge of the Fallen, but that he had to cancel his plan because the studios were pushing for Transformers 3 to be released in 2011. I guess he won't agree to renounce to his break following the third movie. Which probably means that we will have to wait longer... But considering that the studios would want badly to see a new Transformers sequel, we can fairly bet that Transformers 4 would be released no later than 2014.

I think we'll have more information about the movie Transformers 4 next year when the third film will hit theaters.


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